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Best Things To Do In North End Boston

The North End of Boston, Massachusetts, is a charming and vibrant neighborhood filled with fabulous restaurants, boutique shops, and plenty of activities to do and attractions to explore. From great historical sites to some of the best Italian food in the city, there are so many to enjoy in the North End. Whether you’re looking to experience the classic sights and sounds of this iconic neighborhood, sample some of the delicious local cuisines, or go shopping for unique items, the North End has something for everyone to enjoy. So, let’s explore some of the best things to do in North End Boston.


History of North End

The North End of Boston has a long, robust history that dates back to the late 1600s. The area was first known as a suburb of Boston and was occupied by some of the earliest Puritan settlers in the country. The North End served as an important commercial center, home to the first public school in the United States. Throughout its history, North End has also been a center for immigration and is known for its strong Italian culture. It houses the oldest continuously-operating public market in the country and some of the oldest buildings in the city.

Throughout the 19th century, the North End experienced a rapid population increase due to the large influx of immigrants. This influx led to the growth of small businesses such as cafes, tailors, and grocers, which gave the area its strong European flair. During this time, the North End had a rich cultural identity and was known to be a place of education and culture. As technology advanced and the city of Boston expanded, North End became the center of social and political activity. The area was the Boston Tea Party’s original home and later became a hub for the abolitionist movement. This activity ultimately led to the freeing of enslaved people in the state of Massachusetts. The North End experienced a surge of new businesses, entertainment venues, and restaurants as the area was transformed into the vibrant urban center it is today.


Geographical Location of North End

The North End is a neighborhood located in the city of Boston in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is near the heart of the city, situated between the North Station and Charlestown, and stretches from the waterfront to the base of Beacon Hill. Primarily a residential neighborhood, the North End is home to as many as 10,131 people as of the 2010 census. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods and has a strong Italian heritage. It was once known as “Little Italy” due to the influx of Italian immigrants from the 1920s to the 1950s. There are still many Italian restaurants and businesses in the area. The North End is a unique area populated by narrow streets and many brick buildings, making for an exciting sight for visitors. Due to its prime location and proximity to the waterfront, the North End has become a popular destination for tourists and locals.


Historical Attractions in North End

The North End of Boston is home to some of the most interesting and unique historical attractions in the US. With a rich history and many unique sites, a visit to the North End is sure to be full of fun and educational experiences. From the iconic USS Constitution Museum to the Paul Revere House, the North End offers an array of educational opportunities for visitors of all ages. Here are the most historic attractions you can explore in North End Boston


Old North Church

Located in the heart of North End Boston, the Old North Church is a unique National Historic Landmark and one of the city’s most iconic landmarks known for its involvement in the American Revolution. Built-in 1723, the church was called Christ Church and was part of the Anglican Church. During the Revolution, it became known for its role in the famous phrase “One if by land, two if by sea,” made famous by Paul Revere and his ride to inform the colonial militia of the approach of British forces. Today, the church still stands and is a popular tourist destination in the city. It offers guided tours, a gift shop, and a museum that showcases colonial artifacts. As a historic landmark in Boston, it continues to hold historical events and services and provides a unique glimpse into the city’s past.


Paul Revere House in Boston

The Paul Revere House in Boston, Massachusetts, is the oldest surviving structure standing in the city of Boston and was the home of the famous patriot, silversmith, and engraver Paul Revere. Designed in the late 17th century, the house is an important reminder of the Revolutionary War, and the vital role Revere played in it. It gives visitors a chance to step back in time and experience colonial life during this momentous period of American history.

The home is a two-story structure made of wood, with a typical colonial center chimney and two rooms on each side. Inside the house, visitors can explore the original furniture and other artifacts like Revere’s silversmith tools and the dye vat he used for leatherworking. Several interactive displays focus on Revere’s involvement in the American Revolution and provide more insight into his life and the events that shaped his legacy. The Paul Revere House is a powerful reminder of the Boston tea party and Revere’s midnight ride and allows visitors to have an intimate look into a part of America’s past.


Christopher Columbus Park

Christopher Columbus Park in Boston offers visitors the perfect place for relaxation and recreation. Enjoy walking paths, well-maintained landscaping, a botanical garden, and a spectacular view of Boston’s waterfront. Take advantage of many amenities, such as a carousel, a playground, a splash pad, outdoor chess tables, and plenty of benches to sit and relax. There are also free events and activities throughout the year, like movies under the stars, making Christopher Columbus Park the perfect destination for a walk or a family day out.


Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

Copp’s Hill Burying Ground is a historic Boston’s North End cemetery. Established in 1659, it is the second oldest burying ground in Boston and a notable example of colonial burial grounds in America. Located in the neighborhood of North End, this 4-acre cemetery is the largest burying ground in the city, and it holds more graves than any other cemetery in New England. The cemetery is also important in the history of the Revolutionary War, as it was the site of the Battle of Bunker Hill, where the American militia bravely battled British forces in 1775. It was also the site of some of the first formed African American militia units fighting alongside American revolutionaries. Currently, the cemetery holds more than 2,000 graves, primarily those of the Puritans, Revolutionaries, African Americans, and Native Americans who helped shape Boston’s history.


USS Constitution and Museum

The USS Constitution Museum, established in 1972 and located in Boston, Massachusetts, preserves the history of the USS Constitution as the world’s oldest commissioned warship still afloat. The Museum offers a variety of interactive and educational programs and activities, including exhibits, dynamic thematic displays, historical artifacts, educational programs, and a library and archives. Here, visitors can learn about the significant events that shaped the history of the USS Constitution and the people who launched her in 1797.

From the Battle of Trafalgar to the War of 1805, the Museum highlights how the events of the two centuries of the Constitution’s life have shaped and influenced the development of the United States Navy and its continuing mission of protecting freedom. The Museum also offers programs that teach kids of all ages about the Constitution’s history and the important roles women and minorities have played in its service. Through these programs and activities, the Museum seeks to ensure the legacy of the USS Constitution.


Great Molasses Flood Site

The Great Molasses Flood Site in Boston serves as a lasting reminder of the tragedy that occurred on January 15, 1919, when an enormous molasses storage tank burst, sending a wave of molasses 25 feet high into the surrounding area. Over 20 people were killed and many more injured, with the molasses acting as a powerful force that caused immense destruction. Today, a commemorative sign with the names of those killed is posted on the site. A plaque from the Boston Molasses Disaster Memorial Committee also recognizes the victims and details the day’s tragedy. Furthermore, the site has been turned into a public park, with a walkway and a peaceful garden, to honor those impacted by the great molasses flood.

Other Attractions in North End

Beyond the historic attractions, the North End offers plenty more to do and explore. Some of the most beautiful things to do in North End, along with exploring historical attractions, are:


Hanover Street

Hanover Street in Boston is a vibrant, bustling stretch of the city that has been an important part of the city’s identity for centuries. Hanover Street has a rich history and culture, located in one of the oldest parts of Boston. Its many shops, restaurants, and cafes give it the modern-day hustle and bustle of a city center. It is home to numerous historic landmarks, including the Paul Revere House and Old North Church. And it’s a great place to find delicious food, whether at one of the traditional Italian restaurants or the new wave of gourmet eateries. Hanover Street also has a great nightlife scene, with cozy bars and lounges and a variety of live music venues. All in all, Hanover Street is a great place to explore and experience Boston culture.


Harbor walks

Harbor walks in North End is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the neighborhood. It spans from Battery Wharf at the North End of the city along the waterfront to the South Boston Seaport along the Harborwalk up to Castle Island. Along the way, you can find some of Boston’s best attractions, like the USS Constitution Museum, City Hall Plaza, Long Wharf, Christopher Columbus Park, and historic Old Ironsides. On the Harborwalk, you can take in the sights of the beautiful Harbor and dine and shop at the various stores and restaurants lining the walkway. You can also take a leisurely walk along the boardwalk, with access to the Waterfront or Tremont Street. With plenty of activities like kayaking, paddle-boarding, boating, and fishing, Harbor walks, Boston is the perfect place to spend the day.


Rose Kennedy Greenway

The Rose Kennedy Greenway, named in honor of the late Rose Kennedy, is a series of parks spanning multiple city blocks in downtown Boston. The linear parks, designed by landscape architects Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, offer fresh air and serene pedestrian pathways amidst the bustle of the city. The Strip’s parkways take a winding route from the North End to Chinatown and include fountains, sculptures, formal gardens, historical horticulture, and innovative artwork installations. The Greenway also features engaging programming, such as free fitness classes, concerts, performances, movies, and art classes. In addition, the Greenway is home to the Mapparium, an annual carousel, and a playground, providing a place of recreation and entertainment for children and adults. The Rose Kennedy Greenway is a beloved urban park that offers a peaceful sanctuary for visitors in the heart of the bustling City of Boston.


Steriti Ice Rink

Steriti Ice Rink, located in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts, is a famous recreational ice-skating center that offers year-round entertainment for all ages. The rink features an Olympic-sized ice surface perfect for hockey, figure skating, birthday parties, and public and private skating lessons. The rink also features a variety of snack options, pro shops, locker and skate rentals, and a sled and sled hockey program. Additionally, Steriti Ice Rink often hosts tournaments and other significant events. With its long legacy, welcoming atmosphere, and plethora of activities, there’s something for everyone at Steriti Ice Rink. From beginning skaters to experienced athletes and everyone in between, this is the perfect place to enjoy a day or night of family fun.

Saints Feasts and Festivals

Saints Feasts and Festivals, Boston, is an annual event in June. The festival celebrates the patron saints of the Irish and Irish Americans who settled in the area centuries ago. The song, dance, and celebration festival features live music, traditional Irish food, and various crafts and handmade items. During the festival, a traditional Irish mass is held in one of the local churches, and a parade is held in the downtown area. The festival attendees can also participate in various festivities, including street performers, live bands, and food vendors. Irish culture abounds in this joyous celebration of the saints, which includes everything from jigs to pipers marching in the parade. Saints Feasts and Festivals Boston is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the Irish culture and celebrate the rich history of Irish Americans in the area.


Boston Sightseeing Double-Decker Bus Tour

The Boston Sightseeing Double-Decker Bus Tour is a great way to explore one of America’s most historic cities. The bus tour allows riders to get an up close and personal look at some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. During the ride, you’ll witness the impressive skyline and sail along the magnificent Charles River. You will get the unique experience of viewing the breathtaking views from above with a full-fledged narration of how the city came to be. You’ll stop by highlights such as the USS Constitution, Historic Beacon Hill, the Gold Coast, Fenway Park, and Harvard Square. During the stops, you’ll also get to explore the area and learn more about the history of each site. Whether you’re a Boston native or just visiting, the Boston Sightseeing Double-Decker Bus Tour allows you to rediscover and appreciate the rich culture and architecture of the city.

Final Words

Exploring the North End of Boston is sure to be an exciting and enriching experience. Between its excellent restaurants, historical sites, and charming little streets, the North End is sure to be a memorable trip. Whether you want to experience classic Italian cuisine, stroll around the Freedom Trail, or enjoy the unique atmosphere, the North End of Boston is a great experience.

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