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Best Fun Things To Do In Back Bay

Boston Back Bay is a beautiful, vibrant neighborhood that oozes history and charm. Situated just south of the Charles River in downtown Boston, this neighborhood boasts stunning architecture, various cultural attractions, and plenty of green space perfect for exploring. Back Bay is a great place to explore, whether you are interested in taking a stroll through the elegant streetscapes of Victorian townhouses or experiencing the lively nightlife. Explore the best things to do in Back Bay, Boston to experience the best of Boston.


Back Bay Landmarks History

Back Bay has long been a historic neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, first settled as early as 1630. During the 19th century, the back bay area flourished, with wealthy families building grand mansions along the Charles River and many streets lined with elegant storefronts. In the late 1800s, Back Bay was widely recognized for its beautifully preserved architecture, with buildings such as Trinity Church and the Museum of Fine Arts. The world-renowned architecture of Back Bay, combined with the area’s buzzing cultural life, has since made it one of the most desirable, exclusive, and sought-after neighborhoods in the United States. Today, Back Bay is a premier shopping and dining destination, and it remains famous for its historical sights and stunning views of the Charles River.


The Architecture of Boston’s Back Bay is renowned for its 19th-century building designs. Built in the Victorian style, the neighborhood’s rows of brownstones and grand Victorian homes display various architectural details, from elaborate cornices to mansard roofs. The region also features some of the city’s most impressive examples of modernist masterpieces, such as the John Hancock Tower, the Prudential Center, and the Christian Science Plaza. Back Bay is also well-known for its churches, such as Trinity Church in Copley Square and First Church of Christ Scientist. These structures exude Gothic and Romanesque influences that have been preserved since their original construction. The area is an architectural delight and provides a glimpse into the history and culture of Boston during the Victorian era.

What To Do In Back Bay Boston

Copley Square

Located in the heart of Boston, Copley Square is one of America’s oldest and most iconic squares. It is home to some of the city’s most iconic and historic buildings, such as Trinity Church, the John Hancock Tower, and the Boston Public Library. Here, you can wander through the beautiful gardens and admire these iconic landmarks while also taking in the bustling energy of the city. The Square is full of life; people come here to explore Boston, everything from art shows to concerts to farmers’ markets. In spring, the square Square is enlivened by blooming flowers and a chance to take in some breathtaking views of Copley Square. Copley Square remains a Boston attraction with its bustling energy, long history, and stunning landmarks.

Trinity Church

The Trinity Church Boston is an Episcopal Church located in the Back Bay of Boston. Founded in 1733, it is an architectural and religious landmark in the city. Known for its Richardsonian Romanesque style, Trinity Church Boston is the first parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. Revered as a National Historic Landmark, the Church has a long and important history within the city and was the spiritual home of luminaries such as President John Adams and his wife, Abigail Adams. With an impressive exterior and sacred interior, the Church seamlessly blends its history with the present-day services held for its congregation. Today, it stands proudly as a spiritual and cultural landmark within the city.

Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is one of the city’s most iconic and beloved landmarks. Established in 1848, this monumental building is a National Historic Landmark that preserves its iconic exterior and impressive collection of rare books and artifacts. Housed within its building are over 24 million volumes of books ranging from a Gutenberg Bible to various records and catalogs, which have made the Boston Public Library famous. With its multiple reading rooms and diverse resources, the library provides access to knowledge, education, and entertainment to everyone in the community. It helps promote an awareness and appreciation of literature and the arts. Today, the Boston Public Library upholds its mission to inspire imagination, advance knowledge, and strengthen the community through innovative programming and community engagement.


John Hancock Tower

The John Hancock Tower in Boston is a stunning marvel that stands 790 feet tall and encompasses over 2.05 million square feet of office space. Rising from the Back Bay neighborhood, it’s unique lighting, 60-story cascading glass facade, and eye-catching design create an iconic presence that symbolizes the city’s rich history. Despite some of its famous structural issues, the tower remains a significant tourist destination and provides some of the highest-quality views of the city skyline. People come from all over New England to witness this massive tower’s breathtaking Boston landscape.


Back Bay in Boston is a vibrant and exciting neighborhood full of amazing sights and activities that appeal to all types of visitors. Whether you’re in the mood for an outdoor adventure, delicious dining, or a Boston Sightseeing tour, this area of Massachusetts has it all. From historic sites to art galleries, amazing restaurants, and beautiful green spaces, Back Bay in Boston is a great place to explore and create a memorable experience.

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