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Best Parks To Visit In Boston

Are you looking for the perfect spot to relax and enjoy some of the best parks in Boston? The city has plenty of outdoor spaces to explore, from the iconic Boston Common to the picturesque Charles River Esplanade.


Armenian Heritage Park on The Greenway

Located in downtown Boston, the Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway honors the contribution of the Armenian community to Boston. It serves as a reminder of the struggles and triumphs of Armenians in America.

The park also features several interactive elements, including an interactive map that allows visitors to explore various aspects of Armenian history in Boston, such as immigration patterns, cultural events, religious sites, institutions, and much more.

If you’re looking for an interactive cultural experience, then make sure you visit the Armenian Heritage Park!

Address: Rose Kennedy Greenway, Atlantic Ave & Mercantile St, Boston, MA 02110, United States


Boston Harbor Islands State Park

Boston Harbor Islands State Park is one of the best parks in Boston. Located in the heart of Boston Harbor and accessible only by ferry, this park offers stunning views of the city skyline, harbor, and islands. The park comprises 34 islands and peninsulas, allowing visitors to explore beaches, marshes, salt meadows, and woods.

On these islands, you can find a variety of wildlife, including seals, porpoises, dolphins, and sea birds. There are also historic lighthouses scattered throughout the park that were built in the 19th century.

Visitors can participate in recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, kayaking, and bird-watching. In addition to exploring nature trails and other attractions on the islands, there are plenty of places to eat in town, with some great seafood restaurants.

The Boston Harbor Islands State Park is great for families or anyone looking for an outdoor adventure with breathtaking views. It’s a perfect day out for everyone, so why not make it your next destination?

Address: Hull, MA 02045, United States

James P. Kelleher Rose Garden

James P. Kelleher Rose Garden is a stunning spot to stroll and enjoy the beauty of roses in bloom. Located on the Emerald Necklace, this public rose garden is home to over 200 varieties of roses. The park is also home to various other plants, such as perennials, shrubs, and ornamental grasses.

The park has winding pathways paved with gravel or brick surrounded by manicured flowerbeds and lush greenery, providing an idyllic atmosphere for a relaxing walk. Benches throughout the park allow visitors to sit down and admire the sights while enjoying the fresh air.

The James P. Kelleher Rose Garden is open from May to October each year. Visitors can experience the beauty of different types of roses from the on-site nursery during peak season (May-August). It’s a great place to visit for anyone looking for a tranquil escape within Boston’s city limits!

Address: 73 Park Dr, Boston, MA 02215, United States

Piers Park

Piers Park is a popular destination for visitors to Boston, located in East Boston overlooking the harbor. The park offers stunning city skyline views. From picnicking and kite flying to basketball, tennis, and bocce courts, Piers Park is perfect for a day with family and friends. Plenty of options exist for those who like to fish or take scenic walks along the waterfront. The park also hosts several events throughout the year, including movie nights and concerts. No matter what you’re looking for, Piers Park will be an enjoyable experience!

Address: 95 Marginal St, Boston, MA 02128, United States

Emerald Necklace

The Emerald Necklace is an iconic and beloved green space in Boston, Massachusetts. Spanning 1100 acres, it comprises a series of nine parks connected by parkways & and waterways that provide stunning vistas and recreational activities for all ages. The Emerald Necklace starts at the Boston Common. It passes through the Public Garden, Commonwealth Ave Mall, Back Bay Fens, Olmstead Park, Jamaica Pond, Arnold Arboretum, and Franklin Park & ends at the Riverway.

This expansive park system offers a variety of activities, from walking trails to bike paths to playing fields. Visitors can explore lush gardens full of trees and shrubs, take in scenic views from benches or gazebos and enjoy outdoor concerts at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade. There are opportunities for bird watching and access to ponds where one can row or sail a boat. Most of the parks are open year-round with free admission allowing visitors to experience the beauty of nature in any season.

Address: Boston and Brookline, Massachusetts, United States


Commonwealth Avenue Mall

Commonwealth Avenue Mall is a picturesque park that stretches along Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a popular spot for walking, biking, and picnicking, with plenty of benches and trees to sit under. The mall features several fountains and monuments like the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Doctor George Parkman Memorial Monument, and the John A. Andrew Memorial Fountain. A historic Victorian-style kiosk from the 19th century is located near the Charles River Esplanade.

The mall’s path is lined with lush greenery and flowering shrubs all year round, making it an ideal spot for a stroll or quick jog. In the summer, it becomes a favorite place for locals to relax and people-watch while enjoying the sunshine. Visitors can marvel at its snow-covered trees during wintertime, creating a magical atmosphere.

One of the most famous attractions at Commonwealth Avenue Mall is its massive bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln, erected in 1879 to commemorate what would’ve been the 16th President’s 70th birthday. The statue stands atop an elevated pedestal surrounded by ornate flower beds where visitors can take photos or admire its grandeur from up close.

Overall, Commonwealth Avenue Mall boasts an incredible array of foliage, monuments, statues, and water features, making it one of the best parks to visit in Boston for both locals and tourists alike!

Address: 484 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02116, USA


Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park is a beautiful urban oasis in the heart of historic Boston. Situated on the waterfront, this park provides stunning views of the harbor and city skyline. It’s a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax while soaking in some sun.

The park boasts plenty of green space for visitors to hang out, enjoy outdoor activities, or sit back and enjoy the views. Several benches are scattered throughout where you can take in all that surrounds you. You can even walk along the waterfront path for more peaceful moments with nature.

In addition to its scenic views, Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park has many amenities that make it an ideal spot to spend time outdoors. You’ll find playgrounds for kids, walking paths, public art installations, basketball courts, bocce courts, and picnic areas with grills so you can fire up lunch or dinner while taking in the sights.

No matter what brings you to Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, you will find something enjoyable about this serene spot that overlooks one of Boston’s most iconic landmarks – Downtown Boston Skyline!

Address: 100 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110, United States

Rose Kennedy Greenway

The Rose Kennedy Greenway is a vibrant and lively park in the heart of Boston. It stretches from Chinatown to the North End and measures 1.5 miles. The Greenway comprises several sections, including the Wharf District Parks.

The Rose Kennedy Greenway is the perfect spot for a stroll, with its lush green lawns and numerous benches providing plenty of seating options throughout the park. Its many sculptural works offer great photo opportunities for visitors and locals alike. Along its walkways, there are also interactive displays that provide an educational experience about the history of Boston and its people.

A key feature of the Rose Kennedy Greenway is its carousel – an iconic attraction since it opened in 2008. It comprises 30 hand-carved animals with bright colors that make it truly unique. All proceeds from public donations help support various park programs and activities throughout the year.

Events are regularly held on the Rose Kennedy Greenway for all ages to enjoy, including food truck festivals, movie nights, live music shows, and holiday celebrations like Winter Lights – where each year, thousands come to see over 100 light installations along the Greenway’s pathways! There’s something for everyone in this beautiful public space – so visit it soon!

Address: Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110, United States


Arnold Arboretum

The Arnold Arboretum in Boston is a stunning destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Located on the Jamaica Plain/Roslindale border, this 281-acre landscape consists of over 4,000 species of plants. The Arboretum was established in 1872 at the request of Harvard University’s first p Professor of Botany and has been managed by Harvard since its inception.

Visitors can explore the diverse landscape, which includes hills, dales and valleys, meadows, wetlands, and even a small lake. This area has many birds and animals, including hawks, harriers, coyotes, and deer. With over 8 miles of paths to explore, you can easily spend an entire day discovering all this park offers.

Whether you’re looking for peace or want to learn more about botany, this natural oasis will surely provide a memorable experience.

Address: 125 Arborway, Boston, MA 02130, United States


North Square Park

North Square Park is a hidden gem located in the heart of Boston. Situated just off North Street, this park is the perfect spot to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The park’s centerpiece is its iconic fountain, surrounded by lush grass and trees. The park also has plenty of benches for visitors to sit on and admire the city skyline. On warm summer days, visitors can enjoy an ice cream from one of the nearby vendors as they soak up some sun.

Address: North Square & Moon St, Boston, MA 02113, United States


Back Bay Fens

The Back Bay Fens is a stunning park in downtown Boston. It’s part of the Emerald Necklace – a string of parks around the city – making it easily accessible from many parts of the city.

The Fens offers various activities and scenery, including lush gardens, walking paths, and playgrounds. Visitors can take advantage of the tennis courts and baseball diamonds or relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. The park also has several ponds and wetlands that are home to a variety of bird species.

One of the most notable features of the Fens is its Muddy River. This river runs through the middle of the park, providing visitors with gorgeous views as they stroll along its banks. In addition to being picturesque, it also serves an important purpose in managing stormwater runoff and helping protect public health by filtering pollutants from water that passes through it before reaching other waterways.

No matter what activity you’re looking for or how much time you have to spend at this amazing park in Boston, there’s something for everyone at Back Bay Fens!

Address: 100 Park Dr, Boston, MA 02215, United States


Charles River Esplanade

The Charles River Esplanade is an ideal spot for a tranquil walk, taking in the sights of the Boston skyline. Spanning three miles along the bank of the Charles River, it’s a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the views of boats passing by and other activities such as picnicking and birdwatching.

Along the Esplanade, there are numerous pathways to explore, plus plenty of benches and resting spots. The Esplanade is also home to Hatch Memorial Shell, where you can attend concerts during the summer months or ice skate in winter. Additionally, visitors will find many food concessions dotted along the banks of the river that offer delicious treats like ice cream and hot dogs.

So, whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll or family fun in Boston, head down to Charles River Esplanade for a truly unique experience!

Address: Charles River, Esplanade, Boston, MA 02116, United States.

Fort Independence

Fort Independence, located in South Boston, offers visitors a unique experience. This historic fort was originally built in 1851 as part of the Harbor Defenses of Boston and has since been preserved as part of the Boston National Historic Park. The site includes several structures, including a gunpowder magazine, barracks and powder magazine guard house. Visitors can explore the various structures independently or take a guided tour with a park ranger.

The grounds also include an observation tower that stands 40 feet tall and provides stunning views of the harbor and surrounding area. Nearby attractions include Castle Island Beach and Dorchester Heights Monument. With its beautiful setting and interesting historical background, Fort Independence is a great place to explore Boston’s parks and open spaces.

Address: 2010 William J Day Blvd, Boston, MA 02127, United States

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